Actor, director, screenwriter, TV presenter, art historian. Born in the family of writer, screenwriter and director Sergei Bodrov Sr. In 1993 he graduated from the History Department of Moscow State University (Department of Art History). In 1998 he defended his thesis on "Architecture in the Venetian Renaissance painting." In 1996-1999 he was the presenter of the program “Vzglyad” (ORT). In 2001, as a presenter, he took part in the "Last Hero" program on Channel One. He began working in cinema with his father’s filming, starring in his films first in the episodic role of “SIR / Freedom is Paradise” (1989), and then in the lead role (“Prisoner of the Caucasus” (1996). Danila Bagrova in the films of Alexei Balabanov “Brother” (1997) and “Brother-2” (2000). In 2001 he made his directorial debut with the film “Sisters.” In the summer of 2002, Bodrov began working on his new film - the mystical drama “The Messenger”. On the evening of September 20, 2002, he went missing in the Karmadon Gorge in North Ossetia, where the film crew of the Oka alas the path descended Kolka glacier.