Her full name is Simone Philip Kamel, she was born in Shobra Cairo. She used to sing in school, her real talent came to the surface when she sang a Greek song at the Egyptian Greek friendship festival. She acted opposite singer Amr Diab in the movie “Ice cream in Gleem”. She also acted in the movie “Good Day Hard Day” opposite infamous actress Fatin Hamama. She was also involved in several television series such as “Black and white”, “Time of the knights”, “Abu El Ela El Beshri”, “A Husband’s Diary”, “The Southerner’s Dream” and “Strangers in Town”. Some of the plays Simon was involved in opposite Mohamed Sobhi were “Seket el salama”, “siam Siam”, “Carmen”, Lebet El Set”. As for some of her most famous songs they were, A look and a smile, Taxi, be afraid of me, happy, again and again, Merci and Casanova