An Egyptian actor, is the brother of actor Ramez Galal, belongs to cinema and TV rising generation that shined at the end of 1990s. Yasser studied in the High Institute of Dramatic Arts in 1990. After graduation, he played a role in “Rahma wa ameer al-ghaaba i.e. Rahma and Prince of the forest”. Upon finishing his military service, Galaal worked in TV and Theatre. He excelled in TV series like “Lan a’eesh fe gelbaab aby i.e. I will not put myself in my father’s robe”, “Al-waa’d al-hakk i.e. The right promise”, “Nahnu la nazraa’al-shawk i.e. We do not sow thorns”, “Awlaad hadret al-naazer i.e. Principal’s children” and “Al-batal i.e. The hero”.