Marianne Philip Aby Habib, known professionally as Nour, is a Lebanese actress. She began her career as an advertisement model after graduation from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Beirut in 1995. Her first major film role was in “Short w' Fanella w' Kab” (Shorts, T-Shirt and a Cap) opposite Ahmed El Sakka in 2000. She then starred in many Egyptian blockbusters like “Ashab Walla Business” (Friends or Business) in 2001, “Okal,” (2004), “Matab Senaa'y” (Artificial Speed Bump) and “Zarf Tareq” (Urgent Incident) opposite with Ahmed Helmy in 2006. She also starred in the television series “Al Amil 1001” (Agent 1001) in 2005, and “Domoa' Al Qamar” (Moon's Tears) in 2008.