Wash was born and has spent most of his life in the Chicagoland area. Developing a love for the cinematic experience at a young age, Tony Wash further solidified his desire to be a part of the film industry after working at a few video stores during his teenage years. After receiving an undergraduate degree in communications and art, Wash decided to tighten his focus on the film industry by attending Tom Savini's Special FX School in Monessen, PA. Practical makeup FX work showcased in horror/science fiction/adventure movies always fascinated Tony so the thought of getting his foot in the door in that regard seemed like a good idea. Wash also hoped to give his production company, Scotchworthy Productions the diversity it would need to be successful in the independent arena. Showcasing award-winning video production and practical special FX design, Scotchworthy Productions has become a Midwestern staple for quality, independent, genre-specific projects. Beginning production in the winter of 2005, Wash's first feature, the choose your own adventure horror film, "It's My Party and I'll Die If I Want To" created the reputation Scotchworthy takes pride in to this day. "It's definitely worth checking out, and the type of indie I highly recommend supporting... It's made with genuine care and love for the genre, which is more than you can say for (at least) half of the films I've watched; movies that spent more in a single day than Wash and his crew probably had for the entire production. Kudos to them" (Brian Collins, Following the completion of "It's My Party...", Wash and crew took the movie on the road, hitting up the festival circuit and a number of horror conventions across the country. To date, "It's My Party and I'll Die If I Want To" has won six festival awards including two for Best Feature, has been showcased on AT&T U-verse VOD, and is available on Netflix DVD/streaming. In 2010, Wash and company went to work on the war/horror film, "A Chance in Hell." Shot over eight days for a budget under $10k, "A Chance in Hell" has become Scotchworthy's calling card, displaying the level of quality and integrity Wash and team bring to every production regardless of time and budget constraints. "A Chance in Hell" has even been described by some reviewers as "One of the best indie's of 2012"* To date "A Chance in Hell" has won three Best Short Film awards and Scotchworthy is hopeful that it will be extended to a feature length film soon. In 2012, Tony Wash produced and directed the crime/thriller "High on the Hog", starring Sid Haig. Wash also produced and co-directed the horror anthology film, "Chop Shop". With both movies in post production as well as two features in development, 2013 looks to be a promising year for both Tony Wash and Scotchworthy Productions.