Yuriy Alexandrovich Borisov (Russian: Ю́рий Алекса́ндрович Бори́сов; born December 8, 1992; Reutov) is a Russian actor. Winner of the Golden Eagle Award – 2021. He was nominated at the European Film Awards (2021) as Best European Actor for "Compartment No. 6" (2021). Borisov was born in Reutov, Moscow Oblast near Moscow. In 2013 he graduated from the Shchepkin Higher Theater School (course of Vladimir Mikhailovich Beilis and Vitaly Nikolayevich Ivanov), and won the Golden Leaf award in the Best Actor category for the role of Alexander Tarasovich Ametistov in the play Zoykina's Apartment. Yura started working as a film actor in 2010, and played main roles in various television series. In 2013–14 he worked at the Moscow theater "Satyricon". In 2019, he starred in the film The Bull, for which he was nominated for the 18th Golden Eagle Awards 2020 in the category Best Leading Actor, and also received an award "Event of the Year" from the magazine "Kinoreporter" in the category "Discovery of the Year". He also played minor roles in the films T-34 (2019 film), Union of Salvation (2019 film), and Invasion (2020 film). In February 2020, the film AK-47 was released, in which Yura Borisov played the main role – Mikhail Kalashnikov, and received positive reviews from film critics. For this role he was awarded the Golden Eagle Award – 2021. 2021 was a very busy year for Yura Borisov – he played in 8 feature films released in 2021. In 2021 Yura played the lead role in Finnish-Russian film Compartment No. 6 directed by Juho Kuosmanen, which won the Grand-Prix at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival.